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About Us

T-Shirts, Customizing, & Haircuts. SSU is known as Sari Sari Underground and the acronym “Street Set University.” 

We Carry local and brand name merchandise and offer customizing with no minimum orders. Large orders are also welcome. When you customize with us, our team works with and gives you end results that match your ideas. Our barbers offer a premiere service in the San Jose area and take pride in giving the best product to our customers. We are a premiere one stop shop!


Established in 2010 the store has been embraced, and encouraged by its customers. The story begins with a humble beginning. From our very first locations in Union City to our minuscule scalability at Seafood City. We have always been a customer first base establishment and as a business we’ve grown and adjusted to the ever growing community that we serve.

As we move forward and gauge the variables, several success pillars have been encountered throughout our path. One pillar is to add value to others. Most especially to our young Millennials, for they are truly the future generation that will navigate us through new frontiers, and un-chartered waters. Ergo now the meaning “STREET SET UNIVERSITY.”

At SSU our primary premise is to create that sounding environment where the avid enthusiast can express themselves freely in more ways than one. We believe it is equally important most especially to the ones whom possess the unique style of many, if not all as being their own artistic individuals. SSU is the place to be and everyone is welcomed.

Whether we are in New York, Seattle, or The Bay, our extreme achievement goal is to circle back to the triangulated patterns of success that has deemed us Gold Medal Worthy in years past. We will continue to outlet top notch vendors through our distribution channels, where the result rituals of it all often leaves clues for success. We give our audience what they truly want, and deserve. Rightfully so, we will proceed to have our best foot forward to taking the actionable steps to offering premium services, products, and goods, while implementing the informed votes of confidence through our already growing market.

Our goal is to become the pinnacle of underground culture & services, and the apex of everything that manifests to be.  We train, mold, and sculpt young intellectual minds to their growing potential. The SSU team is the sharpest caliber of individuals with abbreviated goals, and personal accolades. Instilled are the core competencies that signifies the win falls in our process.

Join us in the zone of genius to creating the different facets of lifestyle cultures at its very core.


Sari Sari - (Wikipedia)  Tagalog meaning "variety". Such stores form an important economic and social location in a Filipino community. It is present in almost all neighborhoods, sometimes even in every street. Most sari-sari stores are privately owned shops and are operated inside the shopkeeper's house. Commodities are displayed in a large screen-covered or metal barred window in front of the shop. Candies, canned goods and cigarettes are often displayed while cooking oil, salt and sugar are often stored in sacks or cans. A small window is also present where the customer's requested commodity is given. A cigarette lighter tied to the window can also be found. Benches and sometimes tables are also provided in front of the sari-sari store. A shade is placed above it which is also used to cover the large window when the store closes.

Un·der·ground - (Dictionary.com) adjective avant-garde; experimental.